REPORTING IN, SIR: helping veterans assimilate back into our workforce


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REPORTING IN, SIR: helping veterans assimilate back into our workforce

By Jerry Field

"Reporting in, Sir!" Columnist and Veterans Affairs Editor Jerry Field

“Reporting in, Sir!” Columnist and Veterans Affairs Editor Jerry Field

The Illinois Joining Forces will host a 2 day Military Immersion Training to learn first-hand about Military culture and procedures.  Partnering with the Illinois National Guard, the two day event will offer a full experience to include barracks stay, morning physical fitness training, and an exposure to training on everything from vehicles rollovers to routine day training.  The attendees will receive training from the Illinois Joining Forces team regarding military terms; rank structure, veteran benefits and other types of military information.

The program appears to be open to members of the Illinois Joining Forces (IJF) organization. If you are interested or have staff members who would benefit from this 2-day Military Immersion Training, please take the initial screening and qualifying survey by clicking here to get started!

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Once a qualified individual submits a completed screening survey they will, if accepted, receive an email with a Registration Form to be completed and returned with a $45 registration fee per person.  This fee covers the costs of all meals and boarding that will be provided at the Illinois National Guard training facility.

Registration is limited to 100 participants and will be offered to qualified attendees on a first-come, first-served basis.  Space is limited and more registrations are received every day - reserve your spot now.

If you are a Veteran, retired military or a reserve member it is imperative that you join, a Veeran’s group. Our Veterans’ voices must be heard in the Congress and the various government departments that serve the Military. Currently the estimates are we are losing about 700 Veterans a week. The membership of Veterans organization ranks need to be filled to support the growing need for health care, benefits and additional services not associated with previous Veterans.  In past years the ability to understand Agent Orange and treat this malady was a project of the Veterans’ groups. Today’s concern are better service in some hospitals, treating the growing concern of suicides and unemployment all fall under the pressure that is applied by the Veterans’ organizations to Congress. Join today. Need help finding the organization that fits your needs? Drop an e-mail to [email protected].


Sunday July 14: The 4th annual 5K Run to End Homeless hosted by A Safe Haven

At Garfield Park Chicago

Saturday July 19th Paralympic and Military Judo Training camp hosted by Menomonee Judo Club

1535 N Dayton (832 West) Chicago, Illinois Contact Brett Wolf at 0r 773 230-6060

It’s a free event open to all people with visual impairment and military Veterans.


Define the job you are seeking. Read the qualifications and requirements. Be specific when writing a resume to assure the employer they are hiring the right person. The right person has the qualifications listed and the skills outlined in the job description. It’s not necessary to list every job you’ve had in the military, especially those that are not directly related to the job opening. Often in creating a resume for the military entering the civilian employment market, three or four specific resumes are not uncommon.  Only include the information, education and skill training that will help to land an interview. If you were in active or support combat leave out the details. Your goal is to talk about a job and how you can make a contribution to the company. Your biggest assets are you are military trained and have leadership qualities, responsibility and can put to best use your critical thinking skills to support the company goals.

Help yourself by joining a Veterans organization and  Thank a Vet you see for his service. It makes both of you feel better.

(Jerry Field is an Army Vet and award winning columnist.)

Jerry Field

Veteran's Affairs Editor at Illinois News Online
Jerry Field is an award winning Chicago writer and former military veteran. Email him at [email protected]

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Jerry Field
Jerry Field is an award winning Chicago writer and former military veteran. Email him at [email protected]