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Irks, quirks and Oughta be laws

By Ray Hanania ILLEGAL PARKING: There are a lot of other ways to generate revenue from traffic tickets instead of installing red light cameras to nail unsuspecting motorists. Here are a few suggestions. Put a police squad car near the small Orland Park Post Office branch in the strip mall at 151st and LaGrange Road. […]

I owe Jane Byrne for launching my journalism career

Chicago Mayor Jane M. Byrne, who died on Thursday Nov. 13, 2014, was Chicago’s first female elected chief executive and the 41st mayor of the City of Chicago. The turbulence of her politics and administration launched my journalism career, and for that I owe her much Jane Byrne defeated the Machine but she became the Machine […]

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Webb discusses candidacy for 10th Ward Chicago alderman

American Arab Samantha Haddad Webb discusses her candidacy for alderman of Chicago’s 10th Ward in the February 24, 2015 election and the issues she hopes to address when she gets into the Chicago City Council Samantha Haddad Webb, candidate for alderman of the 10th Ward in Chicago, Illinois, talks about her candidacy and issues she believes […]

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Interstellar takes 2001 Space Odyssey to 21st Century

Movie Review: Interstellar takes the audience beyond the 2001 and 2010 movie frontiers By Ray Hanania I was only 15 in 1968 when the science fiction movie “2001: A Space Odyssey” and it was a blockbuster that pushed our generation to the edge of imagination. We not only started to think about and imagine space travel […]

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Technology Review: How Zemanta screwed up a good thing By Ray Hanania Zemanta used to be one of the most essential services for WordPress news sites. They offered not only a great selection of public domain images that could easily be inserted into a story, but that also offered links to similar stories. Well, the […]

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Governor-elect Bruce Rauner names broad transition team

Governor-elect Bruce Rauner named a transition team that seemed to represent a cross-section of Illinois. By Ray Hanania Governor-Elect Bruce Rauner unveiled his transition team including names that represents a cross-section of Illinois and sending a strong message that he intends to work with everyone for the best interests of the State of Illinois. On Wednesday […]

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How much influence did Liz Gorman & suburbs have in Rauner victory?

Bruce Rauner got his start and won the Republican Primary in March as a result of forming an alliance with Cook County Commissioner Elizabeth “Liz” Doody Gorman at the beginning of 2014. Gorman’s endorsement of Rauner over Bill Brady and Kirk Dillard secured Rauner’s GOP sweep. Voter turnout in Gorman’s district and the Cook County suburbs paved […]

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Analysis, observations in Rauner-Quinn race for Governor

Republican Bruce Rauner defeated Pat Quinn in part by concentrating on voters in suburban Cook County, and by defining a clearer message that connected with Illinois voters By Ray Hanania Bruce Rauner defeated Gov. Pat Quinn in a bitter race that saw campaign spending on both sides set new records. The election wasn’t even close. And […]

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Baby Boomer dreaming, the old days By Ray Hanania As I sat at Midway Airport the other day waiting for a flight, I was remembering how the world has really changed, as most Baby Boomers my age do. I’ve written in the past how Midway was just an open air field on Cicero Avenue and […]

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Q Restaurant in Orland Park offers a unique dining experience

Q Restaurant in Orland Park offers a unique dining experience By Ray Hanania Q Restaurant in Orland Park is a new Asian fusion that offers a mix of Vietnamese and French cuisine. The design of the restaurant’s dining room is very impressive and the food is even better. It not only offers a phenomenal menu […]

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