REPORTING IN, SIR: Veteran fights for his freedom

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REPORTING IN, SIR:  Veteran fights for his freedom 

By Jerry Field

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ObamaJerryFieldsJames C. Darby fought for freedom in the Navy, president and leader of the American Veterans for Equal Rights (formerly the GLBVA and secretary of the Mayor’s (Chicago) Veterans Advisory Council of the City of Chicago. The Navy Veteran is still fighting for freedom.

Jim served the Navy from 1952 to 1956 as a communications specialist, National Security Agency, aboard the U.S.S Midway, U.S.S. Bennington and at the Naval Base at Bremerhaven. Germany. His skills also include knowledge of Russian and an appreciation of Spanish, French and of fine art. Jim was a Chicago Public School High School teacher for thirty years utilizing his command of foreign languages and his knowledge of fine art, teaching as subjects that the need arose.

Darby began his equal rights effort in May of 1952 when he served as President, Vice-President and Secretary of the Chicago Chapter of Gay, Lesbian and Bisexual Veterans of American (GLBVA). Over the next three years Jim rose to Midwest Regional Vice President then to National Executive Vice president and as President in 1997. He remained active as National Secretary of GLBVA for five years, and currently is the editor and publisher of AVER Chicago Chapter newsletter “Vet Pride”.

The AVER is the combination of the GLBT and several related organizations as the common goal was equal rights for Veterans of all orientations. The AVER offers a full list of over 25 services to members, about as many as other Veterans services organizations offer. Membership information is available at

Pictured are President Barak Obama, James Darby , Patrick Bova, Darby’s lifetime partner of 50 years and in a civil union since 2011 and Mrs. Obama during an AVER White House Event.


The U. S. Small Business Administration has added a new program “Boots To Business Reboot” an entrepreneurship training course for Veterans. For more information surf the website at www.boots2business.orgreboot.aspx  The SBA also has job postings at Military.comVeteransjobcenter.

Wednesday July 30- from Noon to 3PM University of Chicago Ida Noyes Hall, 112 East 59th Chicago, 60637, a job fair featuring Non Profit careers. For more information [email protected]

If you are planning to attend the Illinois State Fair, August 10 is Veteran’s Day at the Fair.

September 6 is the Veterans Administration’s St. Louis Veterans Health Care Systems ‘”Warrior Summit and Welcome Home Celebration.   The event will be held at the American Center 701 Convention Plaza, St. Louis MO. 63101  from 10 AM till 4 PM. Exhibitors call James Flagg at 773 606 6621 for exhibit information. The be site is   To answer two questions : why run an events in St. Louis Mo., Reply Illinois News Network (dot com) is seen in all parts of Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Wisconsin and now in northeast Missouri. Why run a zip code. For those who get lost easily and need a GPS.

Just a reminder: The Veterans Crisis Line is available 1 800 273 8255. For those Vets who may face a crisis early intervention is the best way to handle the situation. Help is a free phone call away and confidential.

Jerry Field

Veteran's Affairs Editor at Illinois News Online
Jerry Field is an award winning Chicago writer and former military veteran. Email him at [email protected]