Jeb! “I admire John Boehner greatly”

It looks like it might be the mutual appreciation society between outgoing Speaker of the House John Boehner and GOP Presidential candidate Jeb Bush.

Back in 2014 Speaker John Boehner told Jay Leno that Jeb would make a ‘great President.’

Now yesterday on Fox News Sunday, Jeb returned the favor and talked about how he admired John Boehner greatly.

“I admire John Boehner greatly,” Bush said. “He is a great public servant. He left at the apex of his time in service to his country with the Pope speaking to Congress. I think people are going to miss him in the long run because he’s a person that is focused on solving problems.”

Interesting public comments from candidate Jeb! when, at the same time, Speaker Boehner is going around trashing conservative groups. The same conservative groups that Jeb! seems to be courting for his presidential run.

When host Chris Wallace asked Bush if Boehner’s resignation will be good or bad for conservatives, Bush said “we’ll see how it plays out…”

Jeb’s opinion isn’t exactly in line with what conservatives are thinking - I guess we will see how it plays out for Jeb! as well.