District 230 has come a long way, and has improved

Every major elected official in District 230 who counts has endorsed Board President Rick Nogal, Board Vice President Patrick O’Sullivan and elementary school district 146 member Denis Ryan in the important High School District 230 election on Tuesday April 7 election. And, you should support them, too.

By Ray Hanania

This Fall, my son will be attending Sandburg High School District 230 and I am excited for him.

My son’s experience at Sandburg will be a lot different than the one my daughter went through back in the early 1990s when District 230 was experiencing racial problems and my daughter was attacked and harassed by other students because of her “olive” skin.

If that wasn’t disturbing enough, at the time, the District 230 School board was uncaring and driving the racism, pushing students of color into Stagg and trying to keep them out of Andrew and Sandburg.

The old racist board didn’t care about victims of racism or bullying because they wanted those families to leave. They didn’t. They have been replaced by new board members who are extremely sensitive to the needs of the students. They are sensitive to the concerns of parents. The new board is more responsive.

Today’s graduates from District 230 leave ready for the challenges of the real world, in a large part because of the policies defined by the current board led by Board President Rick Nogal and Vice President Patrick O’Sullivan who are both seeking re-election on a slate that includes a newcomer they have endorsed, Denis Ryan.

Rick Nogal, Patrick O'Sullivan and Denis Ryan mailer promoting a positive message to votes

Rick Nogal, Patrick O’Sullivan and Denis Ryan mailer promoting a positive message to votes

If you don’t read anything else, read this: Nogal, O’Sullivan and Denis Ryan have bipartisan backing from a wide array of responsible leaders including: Cook County Commissioner Elizabeth “Liz” Doody Gorman, Orland Park Mayor Dan McLaughlin, Tinley Park Mayor Ed Zabrocki, Palos Park Mayor John Mahoney, Palos Heights Mayor Bob Straz and Palos Township Supervisor Colleen Shuman.

Every major elected official who matters and who is important has endorsed them.


Cook County Commissioner Liz Gorman endorses the Nogal, O’Sullivan, Denis Ryan slate

You can’t get any better than that with endorsements, and in local suburban races, endorsements mean something.

The Nogal-led District 230 School board is focused on important priorities that have to do with how to make the students more successful. They are committed to providing the best education for our students, but are doing so in a better atmosphere where people are respected for their performance, goals and achievements.

District 230 includes three high schools Sandburg, Andrew and Stagg and is one of the most diverse and socially sensitive. When students graduate from District 230 today, they leave the school with a better sense of how to work in a diverse world, so they can be assured of greater success.

You wouldn’t know that from the negative and ugly mailers coming from their opponents who are attacking Nogal, O’Sullivan and Denis Ryan.

That’s because not everyone cares about the education needs of the students the way Nogal, O’Sullivan and Denis Ryan care. To the critics with their ugly direct mail attack pieces, District 230 is just another place where they can build patronage, play politics, hire cronies and give their children high paying jobs, all at the expense of District 230 taxpayers.

That’s why I am so anxious to support the re-elections of Nogal and O’Sullivan, and the election of newcomer Denis Ryan.

Orland Park Mayor Dan McLaughlin

Orland Park Mayor Dan McLaughlin

Because I care about my son and his education. I care about the school district where my daughter had to struggle past the challenges to achieve great grades and move on to DePaul and post graduate studies.

I have to repeat the full name of Denis Ryan because the challengers have slated two other candidates who also share the same last name, “Ryan.” It’s an old political trick. The goal is to confuse you and help other candidates who might have other agendas. It’s also disrespectful.

Don’t be confused by the slick politics and nasty mailers attacking Nogal, O’Sullivan and Denis Ryan. I recommend following Gorman’s advice, who has established herself as the champion and the voice for taxpayers in suburban Cook County.

No one needs to be reminded of Gorman’s achievements. She singlehandedly helped force the repeal of the Stroger 1 Cent Sales Tax. She was stubborn in her dedication to Cook County taxpayers and she refused to give up.

Gorman supports Rick Nogal, Dennis O’Sullivan and Denis Ryan because they share the same sense of commitment to the taxpayers in District 230 that she does.

Tinley Park Mayor Ed Zabrocki

Tinley Park Mayor Ed Zabrocki

“Your early voting locations are the Orland Township Hall at one 4807 Virginia Avenue in Orland Park or the Palos Heights administration building at 7607 West College Drive in Palos Heights. I’m asking you to cast your vote for the 230 United team of Rick Nogal, Patrick O’Sullivan and Denis Ryan for the High School District 230 Board of Education,” Gorman said.

“Their proven school leaders who will protect your tax dollars while maintaining an academic excellence at Sandburg, Stagg and Andrew High Schools. So please get out the vote for Nogal on Sullivan and Ryan for the High School District 230 Board of Education.”

When it comes to what’s best for taxpayers and this region, I trust Liz Gorman. Her powerful voice behind Nogal, O’Sullivan and Denis Ryan is a major reason why you should consider supporting them too.

The Nogal, O’Sullivan and Denis Ryan team also have the backing of School District 135 President Joe La Margo who has done a phenomenal job of making District 135 one of the best elementary school districts in the region. La Margo and his team including Greg Okon and Angie Sexton have endorsed Nogal, O’Sullivan and Denis Ryan because they all share a genuine concern for our school students.

Make sure to vote Tuesday, April 7. The future of your children is at stake.

Greg Okon, Angie Sexton, and Joe La Margo are the best candidates for District 135

Greg Okon, Angie Sexton, and Joe La Margo are the best candidates for District 135

Ray Hanania

Ray Hanania

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