Dominick: Cicero’s commitment to help animals is unshakable

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Waggin’ Tails is one of the BEST animal shelters in Chicagoland. Anyone in the public can see that simply by visiting the shelter and meeting the staff and spending time with the pets. Cicero’s President Larry Dominick is an animal lover and the Town has a solid commitment to provide the best care for all stray and abandoned animals. Support Waggin’s Tails on Facebook by Clicking Here.

By Larry Dominick

Published: Wednesday, Dec. 24, 2014 12:06 p.m. CDT • Updated: Monday, Dec. 29, 2014 1:46 p.m. CDT

Recently, a few critics asserted that the town of Cicero does not properly care for animals.

The accusation is so offensive to me because it is untrue, and because like many of you, I love animals and pets, and could never tolerate allowing anyone to abuse or neglect an animal.

We’re all God’s creatures.

When I was elected in 2005, the town of Cicero did not have an animal shelter. Until then, they kept stray animals in a two-car garage. If they animals were not claimed within three or four days, they were put to sleep.

That so bothered me. So, I directed the town to build an animal shelter. We built the first shelter in 2005 at 34th Street and Central Avenue. In 2007, we officially opened Waggin’ Tails Animal Shelter at 1634 S. Laramie Ave. Today, the shelter provides care to more than 1,000 animals each year, mostly strays, but also many that are abandoned by owners who can no longer care for them.

The shelter not only provides professional care to the animals, but it also provides shelter services to numerous other communities, such as Berwyn.

Bella, found and recently adopted.

Bella, found and recently adopted.

I own two dogs and one cat. I have a hard time visiting the shelter, because every time I see an abandoned animal I want to adopt it. Fortunately, the shelter has made it possible for hundreds of others each year to adopt animals. Many of the animals are transferred to other shelters, such as PAWS, which serves the entire Chicago area.

Recently, officials from PAWS visited the shelter. And while they had suggestions to help us make it even better for abandoned and orphaned animals, they complimented the staff and the shelter.

Officials from Berwyn also attended our board meetings to share their positive experiences in helping to remove stray animals off the streets and work to find the owners or make them adoptable.

We can always do better. After building Waggin’ Tails, I started to also work towards improving it by building a better shelter. Caring for animals that are abandoned is not only an act of charity and kindness to God’s creatures, it is also an issue of public health.

Waggin' Tails Banner

Waggin’ Tails Banner

So many times, our shelter workers have been called to homes in Cicero and in Berwyn where dozens and even a hundred or more animals were being horded, and nearly every one of them was sick or dying.

We work closely with five veterinarians and we provide basic animal services, including vaccines and microchips. We encourage owners to spay and neuter their pets, because it helps reduce the stray population. Too often, pets are abandoned on the street. Our shelter employees are constantly monitoring the streets for stray animals to bring them in and provide them with care.

If you want a pet, I urge you to adopt one from our shelter.

Waggin’ Tails is the best animal shelter in the Chicago area. It’s open to the public. I encourage you to stop by and visit. It’s not easy taking care of 60 dogs and 20 cats, but the staff does it because they care about the animals.

Larry Dominick is the president of the town of Cicero.

[NOTE: Don’t be deceived by the small handful of political activists who have been bashing the shelter and trying to prevent animals from being adopted. 

You can read the Town of Cicero’s response to the false accusations from the small handful of political activists by clicking here.

Ignore their phony Facebook page and only support this one by clicking here. Thank you.]


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