REPORTING IN, SIR: Veteran issues and events coming up

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REPORTING IN, SIR: Veteran issues and events coming up

By Jerry Field

"Reporting in, Sir!" Columnist and Veterans Affairs Editor Jerry Field

“Reporting in, Sir!” Columnist and Veterans Affairs Editor Jerry Field

IN THE NEWS:  Sgt. Bowe Bregdahl will be in the news for weeks to come. Speciation, conjecture, and other forms of guessing as to what the situation really is will prevail. Until the military court is assembled and the official hearing begins, it’s all guessing. There will be multitude hearings in and out of a military court and the facts will be known.  Until the military court hearing begins it is safe to say a solider left his post. It is safe to say he wound up in the hands of the enemy. It’s safe to say he was there for five years. It is also safe to say he was exchanged for five militants who were scheduled to be released later this year. Aside from what has been pointed out thus far, it’s safe to say the next report will be when the court is convened.

If you are looking for more detailed information about the VA situation regarding long waits and an update on what’s projected for change, try The Chicago area is in section 11 which includes Illinois, Indiana and Michigan.  There is a new patient safety measurement program Veterans would find interesting.  It is a program that is somewhat similar to the program started at the Jesse Brown VA Hospital and Medical Center in Chicago some years ago when director James Jones started the “Respect” program.

July 13, from 10am to 3pm A Safe Haven will sponsor the 2104 Stand Down at Douglas Park Cultural and Community Center, 1401 South Sacramento Blvd., There will be tons of surplus Department of Defense gear to be given away, medical dental and eye screenings and a dozen more services for Veterans. Questions or more information contact: A Safe Haven at 773 435 8455 or

Veterans should take a good look at the option of buying or renting. You can find lenders who would be willing to help with the paper work to offer a 100% mortgage.  It’s possible that the loan can be as much as $417,000 if other essentials for purchasing are equal. If you have a mortgage it’s possible to refinance. Jack Amberg is a Vet who is at Federal Savings Bank, a bank that’s Veteran owned.  Amberg’s number is 630 780 1628.

Another important part of being a civilian again is knowing what the various programs are and how to secure valid information.  You can contact your local VA office or go to  The next column will address schools and transfer credits and how to get the most from your GI Bill.

The GI Bill is all its various forms will be 70 years old this year. It’s near impossible to estimate how many millions of Veterans have taken advantage of this education program and have benefited from the programs. Returning from Korea I was able to obtain credit for my military schooling, was able to finish my Bachelor’s and was a full time student for the first time in my civilian life.

If you have an Illinois Veterans Grant or the Illinois National Guard Grant both programs have been funded. Students and parents can call 800 899 4722 or log on to [email protected]    Schools can call 866 247 2172 or log on to [email protected]

Coming up June 19th from 10 am TO 2 pm at the Schaumberg Public Library, 130 Roselle Rd in Schaumberg will be a Job Fair.  There is free parking and it’s not sponsored by the library, the  event sponsored by The web site has a list of open jobs and a list of employers.

Support your fellow Veterans; help those who need help, join a Veterans group today.

(Jerry Field is a U.S. Army Veteran. He can be reached by email at [email protected].)


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