REPORTING IN, SIR: The current VA controversy

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REPORTING IN, SIR: The current VA controversy

By Jerry Field, Army Veteran


VAmemorialThe critics and oftentimes the grandstanding media grabbers are constantly addressing the effect without a word about the cause. George Mulvaney, a Marine, of the Marine Coordinating Council shed some light of the current VA hospital situation on the cause. The VA budget did almost double between 2008 and 2014 but after you take out inflation from the budget increase there is less than double the funds available.  With inflation adjustment the budget was less than 70% of real value when the number of Veterans needing services still remains at almost 5.5 times greater than 2008.  It appears that Congress in the years between 2008 and 2014 did not increase the budget sufficiently to cover increase services and types of services the Veterans needed. It appears Congress failed to include a large enough inflation increase. We are getting to one of the causes.

Senator Mark Kirk, of Illinois has posted a sign on his web site: “If you use a VA Hospital: #shareyourstory”

[email protected]  A noble effort, but it’s again dealing with the effects. We’re still looking to correct the cause.  In part Senator Kirk asked that this year’s 2015 budget (18 months away from funding) have an allocation for the VA, to have a better reporting system as to the needs of the Veterans being served and the types of services needed.  There is a need for time sensitive patient care. A broken or injured arm or leg does not require as much time and staff as someone who is homeless or has a drug problem or is depressed. The number of these types of cases increased during the Vietnam conflict without an appropriate budget line that addressed the need for better and longer care. The administration did address the need for better reporting without checks and balances systems or follow up to patient complaints. Not all the faults are the VA system; the funds were not appropriated to complete the system of reporting.

Sakato_Bronze_Star_ceremonyChicagoan Carlos Saladino, a Vietnam Veteran was a visitor at the Washington D.C. Vietnam memorial wall over the Memorial Day holiday, seen embracing his brothers. Sgt. Carlos M. Saladino served with the 173rd Airborne 3/503rd Delta Co. 3rd Platoon: 25th Division 2/27th Wolfhounds Delta Co. 3rd Platoon. He is very active in Veterans affairs, and a retired Chicago police officer.


Friday, June 6, 2014 at 7PM. The Italian American Veterans Museum will hold the 70th Commemoration of D-Day. Admission is free, seating is extremely limited. Reservations are required. For information phone call 708 338 0690 by June 4. The IAVM is located on third floor of the Casa Italia Office Center, 3800 Division Street in Stone Park, Illinois, 60165.

Sunday July 13, join the largest 5K run at Douglas Park hosted by ASafehaven contact

JOBS:      Contact James Arvidson, Job Readiness Counselor at 773 808 2950 or,

RESUME HINTS: Create a resume that speaks to the employer’s immediate needs. Read the job description over twice, list the qualifications.  See if you match up to at least 60% or more of what is required for the job. Assume the person who will look at your resume has less than a minute to review.  Assume if you are using your military background and experience, then convert to civilian terms that are relevant to the civilian position that is open. If the company is military oriented, a defense contractor or is familiar with an understanding of military experience, then be brief. The more time you take reviewing your military background, the less space for your listing of qualifications for the position open.

Note to Veterans and former military:  Join a Veterans group today. Need help finding a group from an e-mail to [email protected]


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