Hernandez and Zalewski host electronics Recycle Day

State Reps. Hernandez and Zalewski Invite Local Residents to Shred and Electronics Recycle Day

State Rep. Lisa Herandez hosts public service events throughout the west side and suburbs of Chicago

State Rep. Lisa Hernandez hosts public service events throughout the west side and suburbs of Chicago

Promoting steps to help prevent identity theft while removing old electronics from homes in an environmentally safe way, state Reps. Elizabeth “Lisa” Hernandez, D-Cicero, and Michael Zalewski, D-Riverside, are Holding a Shredding and Electronics Recycling event on Saturday, June 6 from 9 a.m. to noon at the L-strip parking lot behind Hernandez’s constituent service office, 2137 S. Lombard Ave. in Cicero.

“Questions we often hear from constituents are how can they get rid of old or unwanted electronics and how can they protect themselves from identity theft,” Hernandez said. “This event that Representative Zalewski and I are hosting provides local residents with a convenient way to help keep their personal information from falling into the wrong hands and to get rid of electronics they no longer need or want.”

Many consumers retain items with personally identifiable information, such as checkbook carbons, old bank statements and decades-old tax documents, and are reluctant to throw them away out of fear the information could be stolen by thieves. In March, Attorney General Lisa Madigan’s office reported identity theft as a top concern among Illinois consumers in 2014, while the Federal Trade Commission reported identity theft as the top consumer complaint in the country for the 15th consecutive year.

“Identity theft is a serious threat to our personal financial security,” Attorney General Lisa Madigan said. “That’s why it is important to take simple steps like shredding your information to ensure that you are doing everything you can to limit your exposure to identity theft.”

Hernandez and Zalewski hope that by providing an easy and accessible way to destroy items with personally identifiable information, local residents can better protect themselves from identity theft.

And because garbage disposal units refuse to accept most electronic items, Hernandez’s and Zalewski’s event lets people get rid of old electronics that may be needlessly collecting in homes.

Electronic items that will be accepted at the event include small-sized and medium sized printers, LCD monitors and computer towers. To further protect local residents’ personal information, data on computers will be erased using Department of Defense standards.

For a full list of electronics that will be accepted and not accepted at the Shredding and Electronics Recycling event, please contact Hernandez’s office at 708-222-5240 or [email protected].


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