Corage: Stepping Into My Power III - But Where Am I Going In This Journey?

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Figuring out where we are going in our journey of life means we also need to do what is needed to stay grounded and make intentional changes.

By Sally Eames

I love to sit on my roof in the mornings and think. Even though the weather turned colder (and wetter), causing me to spend less time outside, I bundle up so I can at least catch a few moments of serenity up there before I dive into my day.

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My building is on the flight path to O’Hare, so I’m frequently thinking to the sound of planes as they land. Occasionally, a really large jet passes overhead and I wonder what long journey its passengers have been on. I also feel a little envious because I’d love to be one of those passengers. Though right now I’m doing a lot of traveling while standing still in my own life, grounding more deeply into who I am.

The time since my birthday has been FULL of rapid change. Every day since then has felt like the rapid descent of the ride: gravity-powered, full of twists and turns, a few bumps and hills, certainly a couple of times when I was completely upside down, holding on for dear life and trying to enjoy myself.

Of course, I’m not just hanging on, however rushed and chaotic some of my days feel. I’m still working to stay grounded and to learn what it means to fully step into and accept being me and all of the wonder, power and responsibility that requires. I’m still working hard to foster, nurture and create the changes that are coming so rapidly and generously into my life.

I’m still the person in control, even if it feels more convenient some days to throw my hands into the air and play the victim.

This is all so very new to me and sometimes I lose sight of that in the rush of the journey. So it’s important to take the time to simply sit and BE with this new way of living and moving through the world.

Which is why I have jealously guarded my morning solitude and also fiercely protected some time every evening to take stock of my day  where I went, who I was, HOW I was and made space for healing and forgiveness. Because wherever it is I’m going, I want my journey to be intentional, aligned with my purpose and my values.

What area in your life could use more mindfulness and intention?

Sally Eames, CPCC, ACC operates Corage Coaching. She is a Certified Professional Co-Active coach and a graduate of the Coaches Training Institute. She is also an International Coach Federation Associate Certified Coach. For the full text of this column, please visit her blog. For more information on her work as a Co-active coach, please visit her site at

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